BrewRiver: Elevated Food at Sonder Brewing

Seeking Goal of $10,000 - $107,000

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Future Equity: $1,500,000 valuation cap |  30% discount (on first $10k) | Minimum Investment Amount for SAFE: $50

BrewRiver: Elevated Food at Sonder Brewing gives you the right to future shares in their company. The first $10000 subscribed will get a 30% discount on those shares. All incremental investments beyond that will receive a 20% discount instead. You're speculating that the company will be worth more than $1,500,000 in the future.

Campaign Description:

BrewRiver is a restaurant group that elevates the cuisine in the brewery taproom while still keeping up with the high demand for convenience & speed that a taproom needs. BrewRiver partnered with Sonder Brewing Company to launch it's turnkey food service. Craft beer is artisanal and is meant to be paired with great food, and that's where BrewRiver comes in. This is BrewRiver's second location.