Our Story

Why did we create Wunderfund?

People are really excited about fast growing new companies, whether they are breweries, tech companies, fast casual restaurants, or new software apps. They're creating beautiful products, transforming neighborhoods, creating jobs, and revitalizing the economy. And here in the heart of America's Great Midwest, there are as many as 50,000 startups like these with a great story to tell.

The problem is that many of them need capital, and it's getting harder to raise funding, whether it be from banks, angels, or institutions. The bottom line is that there isn't enough capital accessible to them.

That's why we started the Wunderfund, to make it easy for startups to raise money through the power of crowd investors. Today, we're democratizing startup investing so the general public can diversify into startups too.

We look for companies that communities want to rally around, products that resonate with many people, and brands that tell a great story. For entrepreneurs who dream and startups that wonder, it's time to raise capital. It's time to Wunderfund!

Sincerely yours,

Marvin Abrinica
CEO the Wunderfund

Meet the team

Marvin Abrinica

CEO, Founder

Brand storyteller, pitch hacker, designer, & leadership coach. Photocentric dad with an itchy trigger finger.

Morgan Kane

Design Manager

UX/UI designer, web and prototype developer, and brand manager. I'm on a journey to stir my three passions of design, music and traveling and change the world.

Justin Chiou

Lead Product Developer

Tech educator, productivity optimizer, full stack developer. Enthusiastic refurbisher of old tech and problem solver. #12 in the U.S. in competitive ballroom dancing.

Jonathon Whaley

Compliance Manager

Compliance and legal adviser with expertise in raising capital. Accumulator of frequent flyer points.

John Michael Griffith

Financial Analyst

Financial Analyst, Capital Structure, and Pro-Forma Specialist. How I Met your Mother enthusiast still coping with how the series ended.

Interested in joining?

We are a fast growing team and always interested in having great talent join us. Join us along this incredible journey to help in make our local startups successful.

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